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Daily 15 Minutes Challenge

updated daily, except when it isn't

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Welcome to daily15 the daily Fifteen Minute Ficlet Challenge.

What is this community?
daily15 is a community where a word (or possibly two) is posted everyday. Using the word as inspiration, you write for 15 minutes and then post in either the comments, or in a separate journal with a link.

How do you post?
It depends on what you are doing. There are three options.
1. You can post the story in the comments. A simple copy and paste, or writing it in the box makes it easy. It does clutter up the comments page though, so we don’t recommend it.
2. You can post it in your own livejournal or in a writing journal and supply a link in the comments.
3. You can post it completely off livejournal, and supply a link in the comments.
4. *optional* please tell us a title and a fandom if you're not writing original.

Things that Require a separate post and a Warning:
1. extreme violence
2. Sexual escapades
3. excessive swearing
If you do not follow these rules your comment will be deleted. Do not try and repost, as it only gets the maintainer irritated.

We do not tolerate degrading comments about sex, gender, choice of lifestyle or race. If you comment with anything of this nature, the comment will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

What time are posts?
Any moment of time, when one of the posters remembers suddenly that they must post. We're not on a schedule here, and prefer the moment to be spontaneous.

If there’s an old word, can I still post something for it?
Of course! This is all about writing, and with so many words going up, you can’t always keep up or want to. Post for whatever word you want, just make sure it’s the right word. : )

What fandoms post here?
You can post whatever you are inspired in. Original is welcome and encouraged. HP, Lotr, RPS, anything! WE ENCOURAGE ORIGINAL FICTION.

I dislike this kind of challenge/I want something more challenging, can you suggest some other writing challenge communities?
15minuteficlets is basically the same as this community, but posts once a week, and therefore is less cool. :)

As maintainer of this community I reserve the right to delete comments that are controversial, or do not follow the regulations set out by the rules. If I leave a comment for you to change something, if you do not respond to it in a week your link will be deleted. I'm sorry, but it is important to keep the actually community clean. Be as dirty as you want elsewhere.

The current users who have posting access are:
intercedo_circu, phoenix7771, takaal, ashrayne and fanficjunkie

The Maintainer of this Community is intercedo_circu / phoenix7771. You will not gain access to post by e-mailing, commenting, or badgering on aim. If there are possibilities of an opening, then they will be announced with the daily word. If you didn't read this, then know that its not the maintainers fault if you do not get a reply.

Need to get in contact with phoenix7771? Comment on her livejournal. If necessary, AIM or e-mail her. Please note that if it is about gaining access, or saying that the words aren't good, then you will be ignored. You are not required to stay here.

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